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interacting for smarter health
interacting for smarter health
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Lahuén Health’s digital platform embraces a process-based approach that enables patient journey traceability. It supports healthcare professionals’ clinical practice and improves the management of hospitals’ resources.

Emergency Care

Analyze the demand of the emergency service, manage patient waiting lists based on the severity of their condition, and monitor patients in ongoing care or in the waiting room. Customize your Triage based on best practices. Improve internal communication among functional units through hospitalization workflow management as well as direct interaction with OR.

Outpatient Care

Schedule appointments with specialists and professionals, and monitor your teams’ performance. Record patient evaluations with an integrated and interdisciplinary view, access patient’s complete medical history, indicate surgeries that automatically integrated with the surgical waiting list, request patient hospitalization in an integrated way with bed management. Access patient’s current and historical prescriptions, and send new medication prescriptions to the hospital’s Pharmacy electronically.

Inpatient Care

Monitor bed occupancy and hospitalized patients’ health status at all times, manage patients hospitalization and bed transfers with Bed Management Unit. Record patient evaluations throughout care; monitor patients’ risk-dependency factor, vital signs, water balance, and invasive devices; request interdisciplinary consultations. Send new medication prescriptions to the hospital’s Pharmacy electronically.

Surgical Care

Manage and prioritize surgical waiting lists using clinical criteria and optimize OR scheduling. Record patient evaluations, anesthetic assessment, surgical pauses and protocol during the care process. Monitor patients’ surgical process in real time, OR and surgical equipment productivity, and control your operating costs.

Outpatients and Inpatients Pharmacy

The hospital´s pharmacy can receive electronic prescriptions for Emergency Servicesas well as Inpatient and Outpatient care, dispense to patients and access patient’s dispensing history. The production module allows to produce unidosis and medicine fractioning. Manage drug and supplies inventory, integrate your Pharmacy processes with electronic dispensing equipment, dispense medications directly discounting from the inventory and print patient-indication and identification labels.

Clinical Support

Clinical orders are sent to clinical support systems (imaging, laboratory, blood bank or pathological anatomy) through diverse interoperability mechanisms. The order status is monitored and the final results are incorporated into the electronic health record. In the absence of information systems in the support units, work lists are available in our platform to change statuses and publish the results of completed orders.


Hospital Command Center (HCC)

Our hospital command center enables care processes’ monitoring and control in real time. Just like an air traffic control command center, an HCC provides a global view of hospital’s operations and ensures that each patient receives the best possible care. To achieve this goal, data-driven algorithms are used to anticipate and solve situations that may jeopardize patients safety, delay care processes’ workflow, result in inefficient use or distribution of hospital’s resources, among others.

Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

Lahuén electronic health records incorporate CDS features to assist healthcare professionals’ clinical practice, when required at point of care. These features include a variety of tools, such as clinical practice guidelines and recommendations, reminders, risk alerts, diagnosis decision support, among others, designed to improve health outcomes of care processes.

Process Oriented

Our digital platform embraces a process-based approach that enables patient journey traceability. This feature allows hospitals to monitor operations in real-time, standardize care processes and track performance, control patient workflow, improve personnel communication across functional units, access patient information during medical attention, among other benefits.


Lahuén Health digital platform is designed for interoperability. As a member of the “Chilean HL7 Chapter”, we are committed to the adoption and diffusion of  international interoperability standards for healthcare information systems. Our platform supports diverse integration mechanisms, such as HL7 and FHIR messaging, SOAP and REST web services, among others.


We are a multidisciplinary team with more than 10 years of experience applying technological and innovative solutions in the healthcare industry.

Cristian Julio

Cristian Julio

Co-founder, CEO
Jaime Contesse

Jaime Contesse

Co-founder, CTO/COO
Rosario Cerecera

Rosario Cerecera

Product Manager
Álvaro Fuentes

Álvaro Fuentes

Software Architect


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